Thursday, March 26, 2020

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 5, Episode 15 “Reality Bytes” (B-)

I know that Lena has been allowed to operate pretty freely, and in this newly modified universe that Lex didn’t have full control of crafting, Luthor movements are even more unlimited because of their power and revered status. Yet it’s hard to believe that Obsidian could reach the place it has without anyone, especially Andrea, being fully aware of the many risks posed by allowing people to create their own virtual spaces. Kelly commenting that she had reported a bug that made it so that the failsafe escape button didn’t appear in moments of crisis months earlier begs the question of how she could possibly not have followed up on this severe error in the system. The fact that someone was able to build a place that couldn’t be seen and surveilled by the designers of the tech is also cause for concern, and a development that doesn’t logically track. I do think it’s exciting that Dreamer is being featured as the first transgender superhero on television, but the execution of this storyline felt particularly clunky. Nia getting to say to the predator she caught that he was “going away for a long time” was certainly premature guesswork, even if the extent of his crimes wasn’t up for debate. Featuring a character like Nia is certainly great, but Kara explaining that they can’t wipe out hate but they’re starting by protecting one community came off as a bit preachy and overly idealistic. It’s also very clear that Alex isn’t ready to fight with her Martian weapon yet, and I’m ready for us to get to the point where she’s fully able to channel it.

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