Sunday, March 29, 2020

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5, Episode 8 “Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn of Justness” (B-)

I’ve been reading for a while about the impending exit of actors Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford, who are married in real life, and how fans weren’t happy with the fact that they were being sent off, an idea that apparently wasn’t their own. Once she became good – and a fairy godmother – Nora wasn’t as interesting a character, while Ray has still been front and center, the only legend to accompany Sara during the crisis. I don’t see a reason they need to go, but I suppose this show wants to focus on some of its other characters. This exit was moderately clunky but not all that terrible, and I think it’s time that Nate took on a more prominent role, especially as he continues his romantic pursuit of Zari, who herself should soon be recalling memories of her previous life as a far less vain member of the legends. I find it pretty absurd that the Wave Rider has only one bathroom, and that Zari is the only one who’s made it a problem. Having to put on their own production of “Romeo and Juliet” after Shakespeare penned a far more fantastical, science fiction book instead was entertaining but definitely over-the-top in a way only this show can (barely) pull off. At least Zari got to show off her acting skills, which weren’t bad at all. I liked the notion of the men going wild at Ray’s makeshift bachelor party and the women going overboard on the ship during a book club meeting, two storylines that appeal to me considerably more than Astra being ejected from her astral spying on Constantine. I enjoyed Mona’s return much more than I thought I would, and I’m glad that she convinced Mic to reconsider his relationship with a daughter who definitely inherited his volatile nature.

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