Friday, October 9, 2020

Take Three: Ratched

Ratched: Season 1, Episode 3 “Angel of Mercy” (B+)

This show is undeniably and unapologetically dark, and I can understand its classification as horror since the events it depicts are indeed horrific. I was intrigued at the start of this hour when Corey Stoll’s Charles went to go see Sharon Stone’s Lenore Osgood, who wants the man we know as Dr. Hanover dead because of what he did to her son. She describes him as a barbarian, and when he eventually came clean to Mildred about what had actually transpired, it was even more unsettling since Henry had deliberately drugged the doctor and then killed someone else so that he could amputate his own limbs. Mildred seems intent on protecting Dr. Hanover at any cost because she does appear to believe in the work that he’s doing just as strongly as she wants to save her brother. Charles tried to be into her role play but was pretty blunt about how he felt about the experience, and she couldn’t stop thinking about Gwendolyn during their entire tryst, feelings we know have also been plaguing the press secretary. I like that there are so many facets to the relationships here, which also involve Nurse Backet and her desire for approval that allowed her to enthusiastically carry out the horrific water treatment, and Nurse Dolly’s willingness to do more than just flirt with Edmund. I’m sure the more we learn about Mildred and what’s really going on here, the more disturbing it will all be, but this story is presented in such a riveting and watchable manner.

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