Thursday, October 1, 2020

Take Three: The Third Day

The Third Day: Season 1, Episode 3 “Sunday – The Ghost” (C+)

I did not like the way this episode started at all, morphing from Sam tripping out of his mind to realizing that he was trapped in a real-life horror movie where he was the target of a vicious killer. Part of the reason it was so disturbing was due to the effectiveness of John Dagleish’s performance as Larry, but it was also just unappealing. Jess was right to ask him whether he could be sure it wasn’t all part of some psychotic episode, which he proved wasn’t the case by showing the rope still attached to his hand, but I was still sure that she was in on all this the whole time, seeming less fervent but just as much of a believer in the cause. Hearing that Mr. Martin came up with the idea of taking his son was devastating, though the news that he was still alive was even more incredible. Everything about the way that these people brought him to the island and then were either forcing him to stay or ready to murder him if he didn’t was unsettling, but seeing the image of himself in the church indicated that maybe this is where he belongs after all, especially if his son is there. The ending of the episode was certainly memorable and well-done, even if I wasn’t too on board with what was happening. I’m not sure I feel inclined to continue watching, but there’s something to the fact that it’s going to be a new narrative, which could capture the more appealing and intriguing aspects of this show thus far while avoiding the negative elements.

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