Tuesday, October 13, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Third Day (Penultimate Episode)

The Third Day: Season 1, Episode 5 “Tuesday – The Daughter” (B-)

Apparently we’re going to see most of the same cast and characters in this second half, with a few new additions who aren’t yet aware of what they’re in for with this island. The residents really aren’t great at keeping a secret, and Helen and her daughters couldn’t have ignored the loud panic that was occurring as Jess was about to give birth. Helen did spring into action to help turn the baby the right away thanks to her experience as a veterinarian, and she got the appropriate gratitude from most of the people there. She did offer some clarifying information about Nathan and how he wasn’t an angel but an angry, difficult, and violent child, which is all the more meaningful since we know that he isn’t actually dead. She caught on very quick when Jess happened to mention that the baby’s father is named Sam and that they had a one-night stand, and it took Jess much longer to realize who Helen was. Helen appears to have found her husband, who’s looking considerably shaggier with long hair, while Tallulah managed to get away from a quickly psychotic Jess who didn’t want to risk her interfering with any of her baby’s birthright. Ellie had her own creepy interaction with her new friend with plenty of disturbing ideas and cave images to go along with them. I hope that the finale provides some satisfaction because I’m feeling far from engaged or impressed at the moment. I’d like to feel like there was some point to this whole journey.

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