Wednesday, October 28, 2020

What I’m Watching: We Are Who We Are (Penultimate Episode)

We Are Who We Are: Season 1, Episode 7 “Right here, right now #7” (B)

This was a very long episode, running at least fifteen minutes longer than the rest and moving at a typically glacial pace. The content was different, of course, providing our young protagonists with a dose of reality that couldn’t be reversed like a breakup or a drunken, destructive night spent at an empty home. Britney coming in to the gym and sobbing made it painfully clear, if there was still any doubt, that Craig was one of the three soldiers who was killed, the bad news that Sarah had received at the end of the previous episode that came just as Trump’s election was announced. Fraser was not at all sensitive to the loss that everyone was going through, and he seemed to understand the impact of his callousness only when Sam didn’t want him to come with them because his mother, according to him, was responsible for Craig’s death. I’m glad that Caitlin acknowledged that it wasn’t true, an opinion that was not shared by her father, who made quite the scene and very publicly disrespected her authority. Maggie wasn’t apologetic at all about her affair with Jenny, something that has apparently happened before, but she was resolute about the need to transfer them away since Richard was never going to be able to fall in line and follow her orders. Fraser stopping by Jonathan’s was a worrisome development, but at least he seemed to set his own boundaries and leave before things got too crazy. I’m not sure what kind of resolution we’ll get in the finale but I’m curious to see what happens in the time we have left with these characters.

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