Tuesday, October 13, 2020

What I’m Watching: We Are Who We Are

We Are Who We Are: Season 1, Episode 5 “Right here, right now #5” (B)

This episode was considerably faster-paced than the previous one, though that’s not saying all that much. It’s interesting to see which of the romantic relationships we saw brewing are actually turning into something, and also worth remembering the considerable age differences between some of the characters, namely Fraser and Jonathan. Dancing intimately with his crush wasn’t enough to convince Fraser not to talk to his mother, but taking Caitlin shooting was apparently the proper motivation for him to give her the silent treatment. Shaving her head so that she could look more like a boy is going to have profound effects on how her father, family, and friends see her, and it turns out that Giulia knew all along that she was a girl, something she was not happy to discover. What evidently started that wasn’t so clear early on is the affair between Maggie and Jenny, two women who feel out of place and utterly ignored by their partners. They’re not being particularly discreet about it, and Danny is already away that something might be up after he saw them spending time together in public. Richard was furious when Sarah forced him to apologize on behalf of his men, and if he finds out that their wives are sleeping with each other, he’s going to be considerably angrier than anyone else. Knowing that information could boil over at any point makes watching this show a tense experience, though we may also not see any of those characters for a while given the ever-shifting focus and range of players.

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