Tuesday, October 27, 2020

What I’m Watching: Fargo

Fargo: Season 4, Episode 6 “Camp Elegance” (B+)

Things are getting much more serious and the death count is only going to rise, but at least both sides have their share of advantages and shortcomings. Loy is losing his patience but he now has two loyal deputies who may be a bit too trigger-happy but managed to deliver the hostage he wanted, who was about as cooperative as expected. He was also ready to activate Odis, who isn’t going to be of much help to anyone since he actually has little power and he’s being pushed and pulled in many directions. Getting rid of Deafy also isn’t going to be all that easy since he’s one resourceful and curious fellow. The most interesting character on this show continues to be Oraetta, who masterfully wormed her way out of yet another instance of being found out, twisting the situation so that her new supervisor would only have sympathy for her rather than fire her on the spot or, worse, look into her past to discover just how much she’s done. It’s unfortunate that she’ll probably be able to figure out who it was who wrote the letter and tried to get her in trouble, and the fact that she isn’t working for anyone in particular only makes her less predictable and more dangerous. Whatever compassion it is that Oraetta believes she’s showing people in her twisted way is manifested in a far purer and real way by Rabbi Milligan, whose own experiences have made him especially sympathetic to the plight of those used merely as pawns and not acknowledged for the real people they are.

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