Wednesday, October 14, 2020

What I’m Watching: Manhunt: Deadly Games

Manhunt: Deadly Games: Season 2, Episode 3 “Bombingham” (B+)

There’s still a bit of a focus on Richard Jewell, but much more is happening that makes it very clear – as if it wasn’t already – that he’s not the bomber and the continued investigation into him is just allowing the real bomber to continue hurting people. Opening with the scene we saw at the end of the previous episode that included a second explosion right after the first showed just how unprepared everyone was for this strike, and that happened again later in the episode, when even a warning that a second blast might be coming wasn’t enough to prevent any casualties. Earl remains set on the idea that they have to listen to the bomb, and he’s paying careful attention to the places that are being targeted and what’s actually happening. The abortion clinic being hit on a day that the doctor wasn’t scheduled to work indicated that there might be a secondary target, or, as he later asserted, that the aim was to get law enforcement there so that they might become the victims. The pro-life protester running over to cry out in agony over the nurse and the security guard after they were killed was an intense dramatization, one that seemed to indicate that he really was pro-life, just as concerned about the lives of those he disagreed with as with the lives of the unborn. Richard’s fate continues to be miserable, and he couldn’t even have the satisfaction of a peaceful takeout dinner when the pizza deliveryman cruelly slid his pizza onto the floor.

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