Tuesday, October 20, 2020

What I’m Watching: Fargo

Fargo: Season 4, Episode 5 “The Birthplace of Civilization” (B+)

With so many characters featured this season, it tracks that some of them would have to die eventually. I’m sad that the first (well, not quite the first) to go was Doctor Senator, played so emphatically by Glynn Turman. I don’t know what kind of Emmy love this season is going to get, but the past winner for “In Treatment” definitely deserves another shot at a trophy for this performance, particularly his final line that may just have been the last straw that got him killed. I’m glad that he got the signature movie music to play him out. Tensions are very high, and Loy is dealing with many issues on his front, starting with Thurman, whose attempt to pay Loy back with his own stolen money did not sit well with him. Dibrell tried to make the situation better, but Loy wasn’t having any of it. Ethelrida proved to be creative when she realized what Oraetta had done and thought of a way that she might be able to hold her accountable for it, but she got outsmarted by Deafy, who appears to just want to get back home to his family in Salt Lake. Unfortunately, Loy was one step ahead of him in tracking down Roulette and Capps, enlisting them in working for him rather than just killing them. He also managed to get inside Odis’ head by telling the story about his mine duties, something that might come back to haunt him but likely won’t because he seems to have much more power and influence in this town than Odis does.

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