Saturday, October 10, 2020

What I’m Watching: Five Bedrooms

Five Bedrooms: Season 1, Episode 6 “Fifty Years” (B+)

Well, things really came to an explosive head here. I kept thinking about how, on “Parks and Recreation,” Leslie kept trying to trick Ron into believing she was planning the ultimate surprise party for him that she would love but he would hate when in fact she was organizing a solitary celebration for him to be alone, something that Ainsley could have picked up on but really didn’t. It was so obvious that Heather just wanted to be left alone, and Pete was far from the most awkward guest in attendance. It makes sense that Colin would move on since Heather definitely did and wasn’t honest about it, and choosing her friend Rhonda at least means both of them can be happy together, though Colin did get in some trouble with his new girlfriend when he seemed so upset about Heather cheating on him. It was great to see Liz get closer with Heather, humorously reacting to her comparison of them as opposites like good and evil and then coming to comfort her with a glass of wine and no conversation when she needed it most. Heather’s choice of words was regrettable when she walked within earshot of the house, and Ben just made it worse by accidentally outing Harry in front of his mother. Her response was heart-wrenching, and the fact that he has to take care of her in a house that isn’t safe for her makes the situation even more impossible. Ainsley chose to do the most self-destructive thing she knew Heather wouldn’t recommend by calling and kissing Lachlan, and this is all going to be a big mess that these housemates won’t soon be able to resolve.

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