Sunday, October 25, 2020

What I’m Watching: Manhunt: Deadly Games

Manhunt: Deadly Games: Season 2, Episode 5 “Land of the Noonday Sun” (B+)

I missed this show’s move to Saturday nights entirely and only happened to have a television on at 8pm to notice that the “previously on” segment included everything I had seen already in the first four episodes. The final four episodes will now air over the course of two Saturdays, concluding on November 7th. I appreciated this episode because it provided plenty of information about Eric Rudolph while continuing to chart developments related to Richard which are more familiar to me since that was the focus of the film. Those events weren’t as dramatic here, but it was still powerful to see Bobbi stand by her son during the press conference and crushing to see Kathy go on TV and declare that the FBI now thought that Richard had a co-conspirator. Brennan wasn’t interested in hearing from Earl and Joe about Richard being innocent, and he’s not doing a great job of searching for Rudolph in North Carolina. I’m pleased to see some excellent casting choices introduced in this episode, starting with Becky Ann Baker from “Girls” and “Hunters” as Rudolph’s mother, who tried to paint Eric as the normal one before her other son went and cut off his hand in a symbolic move that not even she was able to understand. Marley Shelton from “Eleventh Hour” was memorable as Hannah, who didn’t want to wait for the FBI to search her before she went over the bridge, and Brad William Henke from “Orange is the New Black” made an immediate impression as her even less patient militia leader husband. We still haven’t actually seen much of Eric, but he seems ready to make his voice heard with the intense letter referring to an Army of God.

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