Saturday, October 3, 2020

What I’m Watching: Tehran

Tehran: Season 1, Episode 4 “Shakira and Sickboy” (B+)

Tamar’s late-night run-in in the park turned out to be much more worse than I had expected it would be, once again putting her in a very precarious position because of something someone else did after Tamar happened to be in an unfortunate place at precisely the wrong time. It’s alarming just how much information Faraz now has on Tamar and how quickly he was able to get first to Arezoo and her husband and then to the taxi driver hired by Masoud who wasn’t quite as able to hold up under torture as the strong-willed Masoud. I suppose Arezoo gave up her niece’s real name because she realized that it would look very bad for her if she lied and then they found out anyway, and I’m sure that Razieh will be racked by guilt for putting her parents in mortal danger by reporting that Tamar stayed with them, as Tamar will be given their likely fates. Milad is a great ally for Tamar to have, though she made the explicit decision to pretend to be Zhila when he saw who she was rather than tell him the truth and stress just how important it was for her to get out of the country right away. Hearing the speech on the radio and seeing the posters of nuclear arms on the way to the airport were enough to convince her to stay, and now she’s about to add more heat to herself as she tries to shut down the network once again. I hope that she’ll at least use a secure server to send a message back to the Mossad so that they know she’s alive, and it’s good to know that they’re one step ahead of her and are already taking steps Faraz will not like at all.

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