Thursday, October 1, 2020

Take Three: We Are Who We Are

We Are Who We Are: Season 1, Episode 3 “Right here, right now #3” (B+)

This show is certainly not fast-paced, but that’s also because it manages to pack so much and so many relationships into just one hour. We moved straight from Fraser giving Caitlin clothes to them being inseparable best friends, spending all their time together and not judging each other for anything. They’re all for exploring gender identity, preparing to shave Caitlin’s non-existent mustache and commenting on whose rear ends they’re looking at when they caught each other staring. Fraser seems determined not to engage in any sort of sexual relationship even if everyone already thinks that’s what’s happening, and Caitlin doesn’t seem to care either way. We did see an interesting bond start to form between Jenny and Maggie, two characters who are often on the sidelines with their spouses and children taking up more space than them. I thought that there might be a romance brewing there, though it’s hard to tell with any of these dynamics whether there’s sexual tension or if there’s just a platonic closeness that indicates being truly seen in a way they haven’t been in a while. It was definitely unfortunate that, after wandering for the night with Caitlin and getting punched by her brother, Fraser found his mother dancing with Jonathan, his crush, in a way that seemed much more than friendly. Their relationship, like Caitlin’s with her father, is deeply complicated, but this is going to make things much worse in a way she likely doesn’t even realize. Caitlin’s nonchalant reaction to being dumped is pushing both Sam and Britney away.

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