Monday, October 12, 2020

What I’m Watching: Fargo

Fargo: Season 4, Episode 4 “The Pretend War” (B)

It’s still difficult to follow exactly what’s going on and who’s sincerely allied with what group, but this show remains interesting and full of rich characters. Though his screen time is limited, I enjoyed seeing Timothy Olyphant as Deafy, eagerly putting his feet on Odis’ desk and then nonchalantly pulling out a snack from his jacket pocket instead of his badge while two angry Italians were ready to shoot him due to his nosiness. Odis appears to have severe OCD, reminiscent of Edward Norton’s protagonist in “Motherless Brooklyn,” and no one, not even Deafy, is nice to him about it, which is a shame. The relationship between Oraetta and Josto continues to be fantastic, as she enjoyed choking himself during sex and then slapped him for the vulgar comment he made after the fact. Ethelrida convinced Oraetta to pay her to clean her house, though the murderous nurse should be aware that she has a few too many secrets that might be discovered if she leaves someone in her home alone for too long. Her father went to Loy to try to make things right, something her mother wasn’t happy about at all. Rabbi Milligan tried to make clear his role in everything, both to Loy and Josto, and though he still has his life, his story isn’t playing too well with the bosses who feels like they have no control over everything. Things can only get worse and deadlier from here, with many casualties likely in the remaining episodes of this season.

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