Thursday, October 15, 2020

What I’m Watching: Ratched

Ratched: Season 1, Episode 4 “Angel of Mercy: Part Two” (B+)

I was wondering how quickly things were going to progress with Mildred being very aware of who Charles was hunting and the hired hitman being close to his target. It didn’t seem clear whose side Mildred was really on, as she told Charles exactly where Dr. Hanover was but also made it so that he would be ready to defend himself. Her moral code is complex and confusing, since she was upset enough about the hot-cold water torture to have Huck spirit two patients out of the hospital but had no problem turning the temperature way up to burn Charles’ skin off in an effort to kill him. The fact that it didn’t work and he instead had to walk through the hall as his skin was melting off was even more brutal, meeting what may have counted as a merciful end from the security guard’s gun. Gwendolyn coming to check in to the motel made things interesting, and she wasted no time in listening in to Charles’ conversation and showing up to the hospital at the worst possible time. Though Mildred resisted her advances when they were very close to each other in the doorframe, she’s obviously warming to the idea of a romance. She’s now complicit in a sort of way and might soon understand more of Mildred’s mindset and goals. Mildred was also surprisingly supportive of Dolly’s sexual relationship with her brother, and we learned that, while she likes to classify certain behavior as untoward and unacceptable, she’s done things she’s not proud of in the past too.

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