Saturday, October 17, 2020

What I’m Watching: Five Bedrooms

Five Bedrooms: Season 1, Episode 7 “Four Meats” (B)

This episode was a bit predictable but still entertaining, though I’m not sure it concerned the most realistic bathroom emergency scenes I’ve ever seen. Ben does seem to be a bit too put-together for the messy version of himself he describes, and therefore it wasn’t a huge surprise that his paella turned out to be rather poisonous – for everyone except for him and Heather. His daughter wasn’t too happy about the idea of staying with him, and getting him to tell her why he went to jail, however noble it may have been, didn’t end up winning him any points with her mother. Heather was predictably furious when Lachlan, who really does seem so sleazy every time he shows up, arrived at the door to take care of Ainsley and then dared to propose that he move in to take her spot. This all felt too good to be true, and the notion of breaking up the house isn’t necessarily a show ender since these characters all have arcs that could be followed even if they ended up separating. Harry has a handful with his mother, who isn’t open to the idea of accepting him for who he is, and Liz may just have blackmailed her way into a job she desperately needs, even just for her own sanity. I’m eager to see how things resolve in the season finale, and my hopes of following this show’s threads in the future are bolstered by news of production on season two having begun in June.

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