Saturday, April 17, 2021

Round Two: Chad

Chad: Season 1, Episode 2 “Sword” (B-)

I’m not sure that this is a show that I need to keep watching, in part because it’s just so cringe-worthy, but it must be said that Nasim Pedrad is so fantastic as Chad. He’s such an ungrateful brat, one who not only demands presents on his sister’s birthday but actively insults them right away. Naturally, he would bring the sword to school right away after he was told explicitly not to, and he made poor Peter carry his cello out of the case while he hid it in there. Gathering everyone together for his big announcement was indeed a disappointment, but what made it infinitely worse was that he was so excited that Reid liked it that he just went ahead and offered it to him. Actor Thomas Barbusca, who plays Reid, looks so familiar to me but I can’t place where I know him from even after looking at his credits, which include “Black Monday” and “Schooled.” Jumping through the back window of Reid’s car while he was there watching was particularly uncomfortable, and things just got pretty sad after that, including the guidance counselor tackling him after he promised he wouldn’t. It wasn’t a shock to learn that Chad’s father wasn’t the one who got him the sword at all but his mother trying to stand in for his other absent parent, and even though Chad definitely won’t learn from this lesson, he was able to appreciate all that she does for him, which was nice for a moment.

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