Friday, April 30, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 4, Episode 2 “Nightshade” (B+)

I am continually astounded by this show’s ability to be devastating in the way it portrays the severity of living under a regime like Gilead. It did seem like June was operating relatively freely while being the most wanted fugitive in the nation, and she was able to execute her mass poisoning at the brothel with remarkable skill and ease. Janine saluting her as “Red Leader” before she left felt particularly playful. Of course that high was immediately diminished by indications that something was wrong back at the farm, and just like the helicopter pilot who was killed instantly by a shot to the head when June was previously trying to escape, her loyal male co-conspirator got taken out as multiple sniper lasers were aimed at her. Seeing Nick in that moment was mildly comforting, though keeping her alive is probably a worse punishment than death in many ways given what Gilead will likely have in store for her. It took me a few minutes to recover from the impact of the end of this episode, and I’m purposely waiting a day or two before I move on to the next hour to let the solace further sink in. I knew I recognized Daisy’s voice, and I correctly identified that it was Laura Vandervoort from “Smallville” and “V.” If we see her again, things certainly won’t be good. It’s jarring to see how angry Moira got at June for making messes for others to clean up, and she was very disturbed by the need to have Rita go in to make Asher feel like he was back in Gilead. There’s a bureaucracy to the fundraising efforts and gladhanding that has to happen which doesn’t match at all with the horrors that are going on in Gilead. There was something distinctly wrong about Mark being the one to tell Serena that she was pregnant in a supposedly free society, but regardless of how that information was distributed, it certainly complicates matters.

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