Saturday, April 24, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 11 “Save the Date” (B+)

Jean and Danny’s relationship has been a long time coming, and their first official date at a fancy restaurant felt very formal in a way that it didn’t necessarily need to be. I liked the banter that preceded it, with Jean using spray paint instead of oven cleaner and then telling Danny that no one likes an eye bragger. They seemed to be set for a nice evening out until Jean got in her head after realizing that it was her anniversary with Mike. Fortunately, Sharon was doing more than just betting on how much action Jean was going to get and looking out for her best friend’s happiness, choosing to see her forgetting about what day it was as a positive sign that she was moving on. I’m glad that Danny was just joking when he pretended to remember at midnight that it was an important day for him too. As usual, Freddie failed to communicate with Celia and assumed what she wanted when, as she bluntly pointed out, that she had picked out her ring before she picked out her groom. Jackie was so distracted by her Oreo-stacking skills and finally being able to have the trucks for herself that she didn’t realize that Freddie was manipulating her into giving up Jean’s ring. Lane helped to show her that she could take back some power for herself, and keeping the trucks so that she could sell them for a good chuck of change was a great way of getting revenge against her brother.

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