Thursday, April 8, 2021

What I’m Watching: Shameless (Penultimate Episode)

Shameless: Season 11, Episode 11 “The Fickle Lady is Calling it Quits” (B+)

It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the end, and even wilder to think that Frank might not make it to the finale. After everything he’s been through and the medical assessments that he’ll survive the apocalypse along with the cockroaches, him going out on his own terms in his own house would be pretty crazy. It’s very sweet that Liam wanted to spend the day with him doing “Frank things” and that he was serving as the kind of parent he never had for his own father. No one else had terribly positive news aside from Kev and Veronica, who managed to get a great offer on their house so that the only thing stopping them from saying goodbye to Chicago was their concern about the other’s feelings of longing, which were certainly stronger in Kev than in Veronica. It’s hard to watch Lip get torn down again and again, since he did do a masterful job negotiating with the woman who came and offered him $200,000, and now he’s sold all of the furniture and appliances with no offer to show for it. Mickey didn’t give his new digs much of an effort, but it’s nice to see that he and Ian have found some common ground in Mickey getting permission to pee in the pool in exchange for coming with Ian to a yoga class, something I’m sure won’t go well. I was worried that Mickey was going to go ballistic when he found out that the furniture they saw wasn’t actually included, but maybe he’ll make a minimal effort to adjust to his new surroundings. Debs was ready to give up hope and then she got held up by exactly the right person for her, someone even more volatile than Mickey, but I have a feeling it’s all going to work out. Carl getting demoted to meter maid after he went off on the rich landlord has given him a new sense of purpose, which is entertaining, though now he’s going to be obsessing over whether Tish is pregnant with his baby. I know that there’s not much hope, but I’m still holding out for Emmy Rossum to appear again in the finale since this show just isn’t the same without her. Either way, I’m eager for whatever bittersweet conclusion is to come!

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