Friday, April 16, 2021

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 1, Episode 11 “All Kinds of Snakes” (B-)

I guess I missed the memo, but apparently this is the hottest show on the air, attracting a wave of actors I’m very happy to see back on television. When I saw Michael Raymond-James in the previous episode, I went back to reference my 2008 review of the “True Blood” season one finale, in which I expressed excitement at the addition of Michelle Forbes to the cast. It turns out that she’s here too playing his character’s mother, and Britt Robertson, another impressive actress who has done plenty since a young age, is his sister, who’s far more sensible and reserved but still perfectly willing to threaten uninvited out-of-town guests as the need arises. Though it’s a close call, Horst seems to be the most volatile member of that family, pulling a gun during nighttime games and accusing Jenny of trespassing while she was talking to his wife. No one in this town seems too inviting, with the motel clerk far too inquisitive and creepy, and the sheriff totally uncooperative before his deputy went out to arrest Cassie and bring her somewhere other than the police station. Jenny’s situation doesn’t seem much better, as she’s now trapped in a pit with the most unhinged Kleinsasser salivating over what he can do to her. Ronald isn’t at risk of getting found out back at home or with the truck he failed to properly scrub, but Scarlet found his taser and was a little too into the purpose she suspected it served, triggering his frantic disciplinary mode that’s not going to enable him to stay hidden in this idyllic life for long, even after he was somehow able to charm her discerning and gossipy sister.

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