Thursday, April 29, 2021

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 1, Episode 13 “White Lion” (C+)

Any notions that maybe that blow John Wayne delivered to Blake’s head wasn’t fatal were quickly debunked as soon as Cheyenne crawled down and confirmed it. I wasn’t sure what she was up to when she took his body and moved it, but it was clear that she was covering her brother’s tracks and ensuring that she had some leverage over him at the same time. She’s seen what a woman’s place is supposed to be in her family given the way that her father treats her mother, and it sounds like things may be about to change. Rosie indicated that there was good reason for Jenny and Cassie to be afraid of the Kleinsassers, as if them casually dissolving skeletons in acids wasn’t enough of a red flag for audiences, and her father, played by Michelle Veintimilla’s “The Baker and the Beauty” costar Carlos Gómez, didn’t even want to discuss it. A large vehicle being driven into the motel while Jenny was about to learn whatever it was from Angela was an intense and unexpected ending, one that isn’t going to make the already grieving Jenny feel any better or be inclined to let it go. All that was more interesting and palatable than anything that happened with Ronald, which found him for some reason wrapping Mary up in a blanket before stabbing her multiple times, then just happening to be inside when Cassie and Mark were outside. It’s also hard to believe that there was a similarly-wrapped body inside her freezer, which presumably is the ex Mary and Scarlet were discussing? Seems like it would have been a whole lot smarter for everyone to communicate since Scarlet could have been much more helpful to Arthur if he had just told her who he really was and that he had (allegedly) changed.

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