Saturday, April 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 9 “One Bad Mother” (B-)

This episode felt even more exaggerated than this show usually does, but at least it was still entertaining. Sharon’s continued presence is making things awkward in a different way than I had expected, which is that her completely out-of-control behavior after she takes sleeping pills led to her crawling into Danny’s bed multiple times and cuddling with them. As someone who has frequently used sleep aids, I’ve never experienced anything like this, but I know it’s typically fodder for comedy, and it was most fun to see Danny freak out after he thought something had happened between them. The far more intimidating presence in the episode was that of Barbara, Lane’s mother, whose visit prompted him to purge any potentially vulnerable elements of his life. She was understandably upset when she heard Lane call her Mother Raines and saw a warm connection between the two of them, and I like that she responded to that by trying to steal Jean’s own children and provide them comfort, particularly the dejected Jackie who couldn’t catch a break. She’s usually much snarkier and more defensive of her actions, but here she was just all about stacking food and daring herself to eat it as she somehow didn’t feel a phone underneath her. Celia and Freddie should probably work on their communication since this all had an easy solution, though Freddie doesn’t seem great at mustering up the courage for confrontation, like the conversation he’ll never have with Celia about needing to shut down all of his games and devices before unplugging them.

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