Sunday, April 18, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 10 “The Prime Of Miss Jean Raines” (B)

It seems like Sharon’s visit is coming to an end, which is really fine since she’s probably better as a distant sounding board for the antics in Jean’s life. Their Vegas trip might have been a worthwhile event to see, but it was also entertaining to see them getting very drunk in the backyard in preparation for all the craziness that definitely did ensue. Jean got hung up on the fact that there was a much bigger age difference between her and Danny than she thought, something that he of course had known all along given that she had to give him her driver’s license when she first came to stay. Their relationship is interesting since they clearly like each other but both aren’t quite sure at what speed they should be moving. Freddie so bluntly saying that he and Celia were never having kids prompted a big reaction from her, and I liked that after she tossed the remote control and swatted away the donut from him, she kicked the donut so that his five-second rule could no longer apply. As usual, they worked it all out and seem to be headed in a good direction, while Jackie went from a very peculiar plan to one that actually makes a lot of sense. I like that Nick was rightfully concerned that he was either about to get seduced or murdered when Jean tried to overtly warn Jackie not to ask him outright to be her sperm donor, and it was a graceful pivot to her asking him out, something he readily agreed to because he thought they were already on a date.

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