Friday, April 23, 2021

Take Three: Home Economics

Home Economics: Season 1, Episode 3 “Bounce House Rental, $250” (B)

There wasn’t much external interaction in this episode like the wedding this family completely derailed in the last installment, but that didn’t mean any shortage of drama for these adult siblings. We’ve seen how Connor’s investments have managed to pay off and lead to him not really doing all that much with his time given his massive wealth, and that Tom documents almost everything that happens to him so that he can put it into his own work. We now got the chance to see what Sarah does and how she jumped at the opportunity to use her professional training to show that her niece wasn’t going to process how she was feeling well with all these happy distractions her father was forcing on her. I enjoyed seeing the very relatable storyline of Denise knowing that what Sarah wanted to do was going to be perceived as the unrequested meddling it was and backfire, and that she had to admit that, this one time only, she might not have been entirely correct. Sarah did have luck with Connor, whose picture indicated a much more melancholy attitude than the one he was putting out into the world. Tom not being the funcle was hardly a surprise, but he put those energy-draining superpowers to great use when he was called by his wife and sister to shut down the party, something that he was uniquely qualified to do with his low-volume rendition of “Mad World.” Everybody has their role, and he’s learning to adjust to it.

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