Thursday, April 22, 2021

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 6, Episode 4 “Lost Souls” (C+)

This title is an appropriate one for a storyline that I feel isn’t headed anywhere interesting anymore, and I’d just like to get Kara back from the Phantom Zone and all of the phantoms gone from National City. It took some effort for them to find a mirror that would enable them to escape the Phantom Zone, and, unsurprisingly, Nyxly showed herself to be far less pure and well-intentioned than the far too trusting Kara had thought her to be. Whether Zor-El can survive in the real world after so much time spent in this mental and physical captivity is still uncertain, but Nyxly has particularly nefarious aims that Kara recognized were too dangerous to permit her to escape, even if that meant Kara had to keep herself trapped in the process. Lena had a great solution that could have saved Kara but meant worse things for others, and she’s feeling a tremendous amount of guilt for what Lex did that’s not allowing her to make rational decisions like what Alex is able to do regarding her own sibling. I’m not sure exactly what going back to high school will do, but I’m certainly up for that trip if it gets us to a different place and format for this show. Everything Brainy is going through as he’s processing his own shortcomings is getting more and more grating by the minute, and I think this team could use a win in the near future before the next big and theoretically final threat emerges.

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