Thursday, April 22, 2021

What I’m Watching: Breeders

Breeders: Season 2, Episode 6 “No Choice” (B+)

Things progressed very quickly from Ally thinking she was pregnant in the last episode to them trying IVF, though Ally evidently wasn’t on board with the whole thing, something she tried desperately to communicate to an either uninterested or unavailable audience. Keeley would have been a great sounding board but she had other problems to deal with, and Darren was hardly a suitable substitute, so out of touch with what Ally needed. As usual, it’s those flashbacks that really make the episode, with Ally and Paul being enamored with their home when they first saw it and Paul dubbed every single room the “sex room.” Ally responded honestly when Paul talked about finding his dream home, and I think that both having another child and finding another place to live are things that aren’t going to happen anytime soon. I imagine that her kissing another man won’t be a lingering issue, but it wasn’t a great moment – at least he recoiled right away. Jim and Jackie weren’t being particularly helpful in their comments to Ally, and even their big planned move didn’t end up happening when the size of their fish and chips helped clue them in to the fact that the idyllic setting they wanted to have as their daily life wasn’t what it used to be. I’m enjoying the brief moments of interaction we get between Paul and the kids, and Paul’s total shock at Luke’s willingness to give up his cell phone – presumably because he didn’t have any bars anyway – was a close second to Luke reluctantly accepting stuff being stored in his area when Paul sarcastically offered to take it all back down four flights of stairs.

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