Sunday, April 4, 2021

Round Two: Made for Love

Made for Love: Season 1, Episode 2 “Another” (B)

I was wondering after watching the first episode of this show whether Hazel was always going to look frantic as she tried to run from something that was literally inside her head, and the answer is apparently yes. She has good reason to be panicked, especially considering that the one ally she does have, her father, thinks that she must have done something wrong and that Byron could be convinced to take her back. The flashbacks to earlier moments in their relationship are definitely disturbing, and seeing her pass out and then get strapped down and hooked up so that they could insert the chip into her head was an unnerving sight. Herbert seems to be a fan of the big plans that can’t quite materialize, and he has some baggage coming into town after being deemed a pariah due to his romance with an inanimate sex doll that he’d like to think is perfectly acceptable and just a little bit not normal. Herringbone is the henchman that keeps showing up and trying to convince Hazel that he’s just there to help, and Dan Bakkedahl from “Life in Pieces” and “Veep” is definitely the perfect person for the role, making him relatively creepy and slimy and most certainly not trustworthy. Hazel isn’t into trusting anyone else right now, and I have a feeling that her direct approach of telling Byron that she wants a divorce isn’t going to be particularly successful either, though at least it’s one way of confronting the problem.

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