Friday, April 2, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 7, Episode 5 “Fear Me” (B-)

Every so often, this show likes to delve more into horror than I’d like, and that first shot of Cecile experiencing it was indeed unsettling and off-putting. The other nightmares were more specific, and it’s definitely fair to call them paralyzing. There is an overconfidence that Team Flash possesses every team they come face-to-face with a new villain, and it tends not to work in their favor since, inevitably, a handful of them are more than ready for the supposed defenses that aren’t actually going to work against them. Because we didn’t see his face under that purple mask, I had no idea that it was Ennis Esmer, a familiar actor from “Dark Matter” and “You Me Her,” as Psych, who was indeed one of the more formidable enemies they’ve faced in a while. Just like with the new timeline created when Barry ran into the past when the humans of this world started to get their meta powers, Killer Frost saw her greatest fear, which was being turned in to Joe by Caitlin, an event that now seems likely to happen imminently with the arrival of the government official with an intense background ready to put the wanted fugitive behind bars. At least Caitlin and Frost appear to be on good terms at the moment, and like Frost’s rehabilitation following her criminal debut, they’re likely to find a way to subvert fate and achieve a better outcome, which will probably be merging back together and convincing everyone that Caitlin can control her other half.

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