Monday, April 19, 2021

Round Two: Rebel

Rebel: Season 1, Episode 2 “Patient X” (B)

I’m still so baffled by the extraordinary talent present on this show, and this episode even added two more to that list. I’ve been a big fan of Abigail Spencer since I first saw her on “Rectify” and “Mad Men,” and while she was fun on “Timeless,” it’s good to see her back in a role that gives her a bit more actual acting to do like that of Misha, who speaks quickly and isn’t about to let herself be ghosted by Nathaniel again now that she’s working with him in running this study. Dan Bucatinsky won an Emmy for his guest-starring role on “Scandal” and was most recently memorable in “The Baker and the Beauty,” and after finally managing to prove, with Rebel’s help, that his neo-Nazi student had been harassing him, he’s now Patient X and ready to help the case move forward, which finally has Cruz’s emotional support after Helen called him out for not being fully invested in it. Grady moving all of Rebel’s things into the guest house was a bold and unkind move, and she showed how she felt about that by taking a shot at his car. There might be hope for them now that their daughter has mandated marriage counseling, though there’s plenty more chaos sure to be on the way with Cassidy now working the other side of the case her old firm is handling. The very clear attraction that Luke has to her isn’t going to help to make things any less awkward in this very incestuous, interconnected show.

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