Sunday, July 22, 2007

Emmy Race: Best Writing in a Comedy Series

In relation to these final four categories I will be predicting, I am very unfamiliar with the submission and nomination process. The list I am working from comes from GoldDerby forums, and I will do my best to try to highlight some contenders that both seem likely and have been officially submitted. As a quick intro this particular category, I will note that I think "Scrubs" has a much better shot in the directing categories, but could easily show up here.

Best Writing in a Comedy Series

Last year's nominees:
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, "Development Arrested" (show ended last season)
EXTRAS, "Kate Winslet"
MY NAME IS EARL, "Pilot" (winner)

This year's top contenders:
ENTOURAGE, "Sorry Ari"
This is the mid-season finale which aired at the end of the summer 2006 run of "Entourage" and bridged the first and second halves of its third season. It is a great episode, and while nowhere near as fantastic as the similarly-themed "Exodus", nominated last year, it is the show's best bet and should find a place on the list, especially since the writing and directing categories are the safest bets for "Entourage".

EXTRAS, "Daniel Radcliffe"
This is the only submission for "Extras", written by the scribes of the British "Office", Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. I have heard it is funny, and this was the final season of the show, so recognition is probably in order.

MY NAME IS EARL, "Our Cops is On"
I actually saw this episode, and it disgusts me to think that this could be nominated, especially after the pilot won this award last year. I have heard the most buzz about this episode, but it could easily be "Buried Treasure", "Jump For Joy", or any of the other four submitted episodes.

THE OFFICE, "Business School"
Everyone seems to love this adequate half-hour. It does feature a great speech from Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) discussing business success in terms of candy bars.

THE OFFICE, "Cocktails"
Another episode I have heard great things about, that was fine but not entirely memorable in my opinion. It does showcase some great dialogue between Michael and Jan (Melora Hardin).

THE OFFICE, "Traveling Salesmen"
This is the funniest and most well-written of the "Office" submissions. I do not know why the best episodes of the season, like "The Merger", "Branch Closing", "The Convict", "Beach Games", and "The Job", were not submitted, but this is my personal favorite of the chosen ones.

30 ROCK, "Jack-Tor"
As with "The Office", episodes like "Hardball" and other laugh-out-loud episodes should be here, but "Jack-Tor" is the best of this bunch, giving Alec Baldwin some fantastic dialogue. "Tracy Does Conan", despite being quite uneven, is also likely to succeed.

There is pretty much no stopping this one at this point. "Ugly Betty" fans LOVE this episode, and pilots also do historically very well in the writing and directing categories.

WEEDS, "Cooking with Jesus"
This is the show's official submission for Comedy Series consideration, and therefore has a good reputation and could make a showing here...

WEEDS, "Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood"
...but this is a better episode. It combines all the great minor characters, like Shane, Heylia, Celia's daughter, and Peter, and gives them great material.

Current predictions:
ENTOURAGE, "Sorry, Ari"
THE OFFICE, "Business School"
THE OFFICE, "Cocktails"
WEEDS, "Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood"

Coming up: Best Writing in a Drama Series.

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