Sunday, July 22, 2007

What I'm Watching Right Now (March 20th)

The Riches: Season 1, Episode 2 "Believe the Lie" (B+)
The great news is that this second episode lives up to the high standard set by last week's series premiere. Eddie Izzard is amazing as Doug Rich, a.k.a. Wayne Malloy, a traveling thief posing as an extremely wealthy lawyer. The story seems fit to live out at least the rest of the season, and the continuation of the thread surrounding the gypsy camp where the Malloys used to live may become annoying, but might end up providing some great conflict if they ever do find the Malloys. The balance of comedy and drama is nearly pitch-perfect, and I am more than excited for episode three.

NCIS: Season 4, Episode 18 "Iceman" (B)
This show has always been more entertaining than all the "CSI" shows, with a great cast and great storylines for each of them as well as a decent murder mystery playing out each episode. This past season has been on and off, with some of the episodes becoming too convoluted and hard to follow. This episode is an improvement upon some of these recent ones, and the dramatic focus on the personal lives of both Gibbs and Tony is refreshing and works well.

Public service announcement: "The Shield," possibly the best show ever made, will be premiering its sixth season on FX two weeks from tonight at 10pm. That means you have approximately 14 days to catch up on the first five seasons (the fifth season was released on DVD today). Good luck.

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