Saturday, September 15, 2007

Emmy Predictions: Best Comedy Series

Titles in parantheses are the episodes chosen as submissions for the Emmy awards in this category. I have watched most of the episodes, missing 3 episodes of "Two and a Half Men" and 4 of "Ugly Betty", and will do my best to offer a detailed analysis.

The nominees:

ENTOURAGE (One Day in the Valley, Sorry Ari, Less than 30, Dog Day Afternoon, Return of the King, The Resurrection)
This is the first year "Entourage" has made it into this category, and these are pretty great episode choices. While the second season was certainly stronger, these are pretty much the highlights of the third season, which is what the submissions are supposed to be. I think "Entourage" may still be a bit too hip for older Emmy voters, but the episodes definitely give it an edge.

THE OFFICE (A Benihana Christmas Parts 1 & 2, Gay Witch Hunt, The Negotiation, Business School, Traveling Salesmen)
This show just got funnier this year, but what is with these episode choices? Just off the top of my head, I can name six that would serve better: "Branch Closing", "The Merger", "The Convict", "Product Recall", "Beach Games" & "The Job". Last year's winning submissions were much more solid. On second thought, "Gay Witch Hunt" is the only one that really did not do it for me and the other five may just be more relatable to infrequent viewers. The show is undeniably popular, so watch out for it.

30 ROCK (Tracy Does Conan, Fireworks, Jack-Tor, The Break-Up, The Head and the Hair, Hardball)
Now this is how you turn an occasionally uneven show into a powerhouse show with a great shot at a win. With the exception of "Tracy Does Conan", which managed a writing nomination, the five episodes here are wondrously funny and extremely well done. "Hardball" in itself epitomizes the show, and the others serve to enhance its brilliance. I think "30 Rock" is just up Emmy's alley, and with submissions like these, it could easily win this trophy (and maybe even better ratings for next season!).

TWO AND A HALF MEN (The Sea is a Harsh Mistress, It Never Rains in Hooterville, Taped Tucked and Gorgeous, Young People Have Phlegm Too, Apologies for the Frivolity, Repeated Blows to His Unformed Head)
I have seen only half of these episodes, but nothing about them screams "Emmy" to me. Lots of laughs to be sure, and great one-liners, but this show just does not have the continued quality that an Emmy winner should. It performed magnficently with the nominations this year, scoring five regular cast member acting nods, tying with "The Sopranos" for the highest tally. Can it win? I suppose, but I do not think it should and I hope voters will agree with me that there is just a little piece missing.

UGLY BETTY (Pilot, Fey's Sleigh Ride, The Lyin' the Watch and the Wardrobe, I'm Coming Out, Don't Ask Don't Tell, East Side Story)
So as not to repeat myself too much, I will keep this short. I do not like this show, but I think the Emmys do. From the two episodes I watched, it seems that it really does require constant week-to-week viewership to get into it. The idea of "Ugly" Betty though may help it win the big prize, as it did at the Golden Globes earlier this year.

Who should win (based on individual episodes): 30 Rock
Who should win (based on entire season): The Office
Who will win: 30 Rock

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