Monday, September 10, 2007

Pilot Review: Journeyman

Journeyman (NBC)
Premieres September 24 at 10pm

Those who like me hoped this would be a proud moment in the history of time-travel series will be sadly disappointed. This is basically an unimaginative rehash of ABC's despicable "Daybreak" with just as little sense and acting skills just as lacking (Moon Bloodgood, who really just got shot and kidnapped over and over on the former show, is now on this show with a much more substantial role. Who authorized that creative decision?). All the jumps in time back and forth get so convoluted and seem placed deliberately to help guide the plot rather than the audience's imagination. The drug intervention that occurs halfway through the episode is laughable. I was not drawn in enough to care about how the protagonist kept getting yanked back and forth, and predicted his "Frequency"-esque show of proof from the start. If only this show were as electrifying as star Kevin McKidd's blue eyes.

How will it work as a series? Not too well, especially if high-rated ABC, which launched "Daybreak" in the time slot occupied by "Lost", could not sustain that show during the off-season. People will stay tuned in to "CSI: Miami" after getting too confused about the mythology here to care.
How long will it last? I would say six or seven episodes before being pulled, unless that "Heroes" audience can come through and stay up just a bit later to help Kevin McKidd sort out his own powers.

Pilot grade: C-

Quick correction: For some reason I had listed the pilot grade as a B- but I definitely did not feel that way. I caught the error and lowered the grade as I initially thought I had.

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