Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pilot Review: Aliens in America

Aliens in America
Premieres October 1 at 8:30

Who thought that this concept was a good idea for a series? It seems horribly insensitive and generally uninformed. To sum up, a Midwestern family trying to help their son feel more accepted enrolls in a foreign exchange program, and is horrified to discover that their student is a Pakistani Muslim. With the exception of him praying a bunch and talking about Allah all the time, no real legitimate background for his character is given. The rest of the show is a monumental, completely unfunny failure. The audience was roaring with laughter at what might be seen as an immense satire, but it takes it too far without being appropriately edgy. The CW is certainly not the place for this kind of show, especially nuzzled in between "Everybody Hates Chris" and "Girlfriends".

How will it work as a series? If the storyline becomes more substantial, it could end up being fine, but I do not think it really has any potential.
How long will it last? "Runaway" got cancelled by the CW pretty quickly last year, this show could set a new record for the young network.

Pilot grade: F

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