Monday, September 17, 2007

What I'm Watching: Prison Break (Season Premiere)

Prison Break: Season 3, Episode 1 "OrientaciĆ³n" (C-)

I really applaud the fact that this show has remained on the air and survived to a third season given its one-season premise (and this really was a one-season premise, even though writers say they had a second season all mapped out, but come on). What is unforunate is that it is pretty much reduced to the oft-used parody of the show where each season has Michael trying to break out of a bigger prison. The government stringing everything along is annoying (you would think Mexico would at least keep them out a bit!), and as the weakest part of the show, that should have been thrown out. I would much rather have seen Mahone on the run with Michael and Lincoln all over Panama than Mahone, Michael, an almost nude Bellick, and T-Bag chumming together in Sona, the most ridiculous prison ever conceived. I do not like the new "boss" in the prison and just everything surrounding that. Michael better get on that escape plan fast, because this whole fight-to-the-death thing is going to get old real quick. Good news for next week though - Sucre is back!

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