Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pilot Review: Life is Wild

Life is Wild
Premieres October 7 at 8pm

This show is so bizarre and genre-confused that there is no way it can possibly work. The opening scene features music from "Blood Diamond" (in case anyone forgot, this show is set in Africa!) and the episode contains far too many "run - there's a wild animal on the loose/severely injured). The move from New York to Africa seems immensely rushed, and all the New York-Africa relation deteriorations are predictable from the start. The soundtrack is convoluted, featuring jungle and animal sounds and Augustana's "Boston" track (where does this show take place again?). The cast is not great, plain and simple. Lead actress Leah Pipes is purely unlikeable, and delivers all her lines way too loudly. Good old dad Brett Cullen is wasted here, but it looks as if he has already been replaced by the so-so D.W. Moffett. The camerawork is poor and the storylines are bland. I cannot possibly watch another minute of this if youngest child Chase does not get a haircut. Besides the general lack of anything interesting, the show really does not seem sure of whether it is a drama or a comedy, which in this case is a hugely significant problem.

How will it work as a series? Not well. Who cares about this plotline?
How long will it last? It is on Sunday nights, which may keep it on the air. The CW really does not have that many shows anymore, but I still think it will not make it to season's end.

Pilot grade: F

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