Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pilot Review: Moonlight

Moonlight (CBS)
Premiered September 27 at 9pm

So this show is about vampires, which is, granted, not a subject that interests me in any way. I was, however, completely unprepared for the truly awful dialogue delivered uniformly terribly by all involved. I expected better from Alex O'Loughlin, fresh off a stellar arc on "The Shield" (this episode also features another former Strike Team member, Brian J. White, in an unfortunately bland role as a cop). It is mostly the part to blame, but O'Loughlin could try a little harder to enhance his character. Sophia Myles, as a bug-eyed reporter, is just so inappropriately enthusiastic at all the wrong points and bland at all the rest. I have to admit that there is no way I am buying Logan from "Veronica Mars" as the oldest vampire. Guest spots from Rudolf Martin ("24", "NCIS") and Kevin Weisman (Marshall from "Alias") are missing the spark found in both performers' past parts. The end reveal of the show is desperately predictable from only a few minutes in. This show seems to be trying to be an amalgam of "The Inside" and "Night Stalker" (both decent but short-lived shows), but it fails miserably at achieving anywhere near the quality of either.

How will it work as a series? Well, the preview seems to indicate a vampiric romance between the two leads, which I suppose could be interesting for half a second. Is every case going to be a vampire-related one? That could be just a bit hard to sustain.
How long will it last? Nestled in between "Ghost Whisperer" and "Numb3rs" is definitely the safest place for this one, but barring a ratings report, I think this show should be quick to exit. Which is of course amazing news because that means "Jericho" can premiere in this time slot, hopefully as early as November!

Pilot grade: F

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