Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pilot Review: Private Practice

Private Practice (ABC)
Premiered September 26 at 9pm

I was one of the few who got really excited about this show way back when the special "Grey's Anatomy" episode aired earlier this year. I was fairly let down by this premiere. Addison is feeling all out of place and that things are sort of not in place, but it seems like this show is more or less trying to find itself. The pilot does not feel solid, which is especially disappointing considering they already had a two-hour run at this back in May. The characters played by Paul Adelstein and Amy Brenneman seem generally useless, mostly sleeping around and crying all the time, respectively. I am greatly mourning the loss of Merrin Dungey, who has now been replaced by the far less charismatic and far less likeable Audra McDonald. At least Tim Daly and Taye Diggs are having loads of fun. The show flip-flops between joking comedy and severe drama with the greatest freedom, even more so than "Grey's Anatomy." My biggest problem with the show has to be Kate Walsh, who is simply annoying as the overbearing and eternally shushing Addison.

How will it work as a series? It is basically another "Grey's Anatomy" with a slightly less sex-addicted cast. It should do fine; I am just not sure I will be tuning in each week.
How long will it last? It should be good for at least the season, probably a renewal.

Pilot grade: C+