Monday, September 10, 2007

Emmy Predictions: Best Directing in a Drama Series

The nominees:

This is a pretty terrific hour which boasts some awesome special effects (it just won an Emmy!). I do not think it can overcome the genre/being on the Sci-fi channel barrier, but I would be so thrilled if it won.

BOSTON LEGAL, "Son of the Defender"
Do not even talk to me. The one good thing is the incorporation of the scenes from William Shatner's old law show. The one good thing.

This show was expected to be a huge hit at the Emmys and this ended up being its only major nomination. The show did just pick up a casting award, which is a huge plus, so it may have a shot at this award. I was pretty bored by the pilot though, but I suppose it was well done.

HEROES, "Genesis"
This show's pilot was visually pretty pleasing, but the overall structure of the show and its goofy nature may prevent it from getting Emmy attention. But hey, it did get nominated for Best Drama Series, so I guess you never know.

LOST, "Through the Looking Glass"
Once again, this finale is awesome. I think this is the episode that can overcome six other episodes from popular shows to claim this trophy. This is director Jack Bender's second consecutive nod in this category, and the show went home with this award two years ago for its pilot.

THE SOPRANOS, "Kennedy and Heidi"
This episode did have some serious repercussions for "Sopranos" fans, and some fantastic visual imagery in the second half. The bulk of the episode is only centered around two actors, which is possibly a good thing in this case given that it is the amazing and unexpected duo that is James Gandolfini and Sarah Shahi. I think the show would have a better shot at a win in this category with the season opener "Soprano Home Movies".

Director Thomas Schlamme won this prize two years in a row for "The West Wing" a year after collecting the comedy directing trophy for the pilot of "Sports Night". Two Aaron Sorkin pilots, two Emmy wins. Those are some good odds. The show getting cancelled is not so good. Easily could happen, but probably will not.

Who should win: LOST
Who will win: Lost, but this race is wide open.

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