Monday, September 10, 2007

Emmy Predictions: Best Directing in a Comedy Series

The nominees:

ENTOURAGE, "One Day in the Valley"
This show has been a nominee in this category for three years running now (its entire run). This episode is just as good as last year's phenomenal submissions, and really captures the essence of the show as I have said before. It still feels a bit too hip for Emmy voters.

EXTRAS, "Orlando Bloom"
I do not really know what this episode is doing here. The "Daniel Radcliffe" installment seems better suited for this recognition, but I suppose audiences really got a kick out of Orlando Bloom talking about how good-looking he was. I doubt this has any chance at the trophy.

THE OFFICE, "Gay Witch Hunt"
Again, this is probably my least favorite episode of the season and I feel like it really poorly represents the amazingness which "The Office" has to offer.

SCRUBS, "My Musical"
Undeniably a fantastically directed episode, I now doubt this episode's chances after it lost both the song and music direction awards at this weekend's Creative Arts Emmy Awards. "Scrubs" really got shut out of the nominations this year, but this is by far its best chance.

30 ROCK, "The Break-Up"
This is one of the better "30 Rock" episodes. I feel however that unless it explodes in popularity, this show will be rewarded elsewhere (writing, maybe Alec Baldwin or Tina Fey).

Everyone knows what this is. I still hate it but I do not think Emmy voters agree with me. I suppose it is a strong start for a terrible show. This episode also won the Director's Guild of America award, beating out fellow nominee "One Day in the Valley" from "Entourage".

Who should win: "Scrubs" or "Entourage"
Who will win: "Ugly Betty" but watch out for "Scrubs" and "Entourage"

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