Friday, September 14, 2007

Second Run TV: Smallville (Season Finale)

Smallville: Season 6, Episode 22 "Phantom" (D+)

First things first, as a casual reader of the Superman comics as a child (I am more of a Marvel man myself), I know that I am supposed to be cued to get extremely excited when the idea of "Superman Red/Superman Blue" pops up. I do not remember the whole mythology, but when the phantom-possessed Clark clone was wearing a blue jacket instead of a red one, I knew something cool was being started. He was not the most subtle of phantoms though, claiming to be a bit "bizarre" (Bizarro, anyone?).

This whole phantom nonsense was too much like "Supernatural" with the spirit grabbing hearts and killing people and such. Chloe's tear bringing Lois back to life was really cool, a reveal of her superpower, but her dying (or did she) was a bit unexplained. And raise your hand if you think Lana is still alive - that mail truck passed by way too quickly. But who orchestrated her death? I am hoping for Oliver Queen. They need to bring him back.

This season as a whole was uneven but vastly superior to the recent output. To recap, my grades for each of the seasons are as follows: 1 (A-), 2 (B+), 3 (D-), 4 (F), 5 (F). So therefore this season gets a well-deserved C-.

Season seven of "Smallville" begins Thursday, September 27th at 8pm on the CW and I plan to watch the show during its original run this season.

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