Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What I’m Watching: Better Call Saul (Season Finale)

Better Call Saul: Season 3, Episode 10 “Lantern” (B+)

I expected that, in the wake of Kim’s car accident, we were going to see a devastated, much more melancholy version of the hard-working lawyer who’s always been the most underappreciated part of this show, both as a character and in Rhea Seehorn’s portrayal. Instead, she just looked terrible, unhappy with not being able to use her arm and pretty badly cut up on her face, and she indulged in a ten-movie Blockbuster rental. Of course she would watch something like “To Kill a Mockingbird,” recalling how it inspired her at a young age to serve justice for all, something that the more opportunistic Jimmy can’t quite relate to. Jimmy’s realization of what he would need to do in order to rectify things with the lawsuit didn’t quite prepare me for just how big a sacrifice it was going to be, as he engineered an opportunity for all the seniors he had scammed to hear just what he had done to them and how little he actually cared about them. The worst downfall of all, however, was saved for Chuck, who took an incomparable professional hit, regressed completely in his condition, and then seems to have set his house on fire while he was still inside. Howard paying him out of his own personal funds just to get rid of him was especially harsh, and the immediate dismissal that came with it stung a lot. Michael McKean is another formidable actor who needs to earn recognition for this show, something that I’m sad to say I don’t think will happen. We didn’t see Mike in this episode but we did see Hector experience what is likely his transformative injury, and so I’m hoping we’ll see more of that and more of Mike and Gus in the recently-announced and very welcome season four.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Michael McKean as Chuck

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