Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What I’m Watching: Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks: Season 3, Episode 7 “The Return, Part 7” (B-)

I feel like we’re so close now to people realizing that there are not one but two Dale Coopers out there. A few are close to figuring out what happened to him and that he never left that room, but not enough people are talking to each other to put all the pieces together (not that a terribly coherent explanation for it all really exists). This show doesn’t contain all that much foul language, and therefore hearing Laura Dern’s Diane spout off profanity with every sentence made her seem especially harsh. Both Albert and Gordon held their own with her, and Gordon was able to convince her to come with her to South Dakota, where she very quickly came to agree with them that something really wasn’t right. The man who’s very much not the good Cooper wasted no time in scaring James Morrison’s warden into letting him go that very night with a chauffeur and a rental car, and something tells me that the FBI is going to pick up its search and find the other guy who looks a whole lot like Cooper did decades earlier. Seeing the mostly non-communicative Dougie spring into action when someone tried to shoot him and his wife was really something, and you’d think that in this modern age such a spectacle – with interviewed witnesses – would make its way to the internet very quickly and catch the attention of those who believe that he’s in prison in South Dakota. I wouldn’t expect any such luck, but again we’re getting closer.

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