Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 6, Episode 9 “A Woman First” (B+)

I would have thought that Mike and Amy finding Leon West’s diary would have helped them get the upper hand on one journalist who has been a thorn in their sides for years, but apparently it went the other way, with Leon publicizing many accusations about Selina that were totally true. Somehow, through all of this, things ended up looking up for Selina, as her role in Tibet came out in a way that was totally favorable for her. This was the end of the road for two of our more prominent characters, though I suspect they’ll bounce back sooner rather than later. Dan tried to get in a few digs about Jane’s age during his final broadcast, and it seems like he’s going to be starting from scratch. Just after he had his circumcision, Jonah woke up to the harsh truth that, thanks to his Uncle Jeff’s decision to take him off the ticket, Shawnee was completely ready to give up immediately and dump him. I’m curious – and a bit nervous – to see if Jonah continues to embrace his newfound Judaism or if he completely disregards it. I shouldn’t neglect to mention an exciting event that Selina tried not to acknowledge was happening, which was the birth of her grandchild. Everyone has been ignoring Catherine basically since this show started, and now I’m intrigued to see how involved kindly donor father and first-time masturbator Richard is going to be in his spawn’s life, probably much more than the unwilling grandmother will be.

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