Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Season 4, Episode 9 “Hooli-Con” (B+)

We knew the guys were planning something big, and it’s nice to see everyone united for once in the pursuit of the same goal. That was mostly true, of course, though not entirely, since Erlich was too self-involved to bother to contribute, and Jared didn’t want to know anything about this illegal activity. I love that Dinesh went to go see his ex-girlfriend in prison to get advice on how to accomplish what they wanted to do before giving the guard an anonymous tip that she was about to get internet access to discover his identity and hunt him down. It’s extremely entertaining to listen to Gilfoyle and Dinesh bicker, and they seemed oddly on the same side here as they very unsubtly walked all around the floor to plant the routers so that they could get all the users they needed. Richard nearly tanked the whole thing by failing to resist the urge to prank a rival, something which no one found funny and which got them all promptly rounded up by security. Yet that’s when a background character we’ve seen all season, Hoover, played by Chris Williams from “The Great Indoors,” became a crucial player, upset at Jack Barker for dismissing him and insulting Gavin Belson and more than eager to screw Jack and reward Richard for his praise of Gavin. Keenan entering on the wrong side of the stage after demanding a change earlier was far from Jack’s biggest problem, as their useless technology did its best impression of a Galaxy 7 and started catching fire all over the audience. Pied Piper is about to make a comeback.

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