Thursday, November 16, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Gifted

The Gifted: Season 1, Episode 7 “eXtreme measures” (B)

I don’t think we’re really getting anywhere here, with Jace preparing to completely get rid of any remaining civil liberties afforded to mutants and infighting among the Mutant Underground threatening to be its undoing. It’s very clear that Dr. Campbell is suggesting very sinister measures, and Jace’s only concern seems to be with convincing others that this is the right way to move forward to contain the mutant threat. It is true that there are those mutants who make the others look back, namely Carmen and her associates, and Eclipse in the process when he used his abilities for nefarious purposes to serve her aims. A flashback to three years earlier helped clue in the fact that Polaris was one of the originals and Eclipse was brought in somewhat unwillingly to help out, and the connection they’ve made should be able to overcome the fact that Eclipse lied to her. Now that she has a few free minutes from performing emergency surgery on every mutant in her immediate vicinity, Caitlin is putting education first, and her style is a little less forward-thinking than Polaris’ blindfolded, rock-hurling training. I’d think that Reed, humbled by the revelation that both of his children are mutants after he spent years working to bring their kind in, would be a little slower to judge those with surprising pasts, and Wes did just fine when he took responsibility for what he had done. Now, let’s get everyone united and working to give mutants a fighting chance of winning or at least surviving this war.

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