Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What I’m Watching: SMILF

SMILF: Season 1, Episode 4 “Deep-Dish Pizza and a Shot of Holy Water” (B+)

Bridgette lives a pretty crazy life, investing heavily in each moment even if she isn’t always the same person in all of them. She was all about her basketball fantasy while her stuff was getting stolen and then her shoes were literally taken off her feet, and she didn’t bother to confront the thieves when she ran into them the next day. Instead, she was ready to challenge all men by participating with Nelson and Eliza in the Muscle Man Mud Run, something that people apparently train for all year and they decided to do after ingesting a few protein bars. That Craiglist encounter is still haunting her (and lingering in that disturbing scene with the guy enjoying himself in the duct above the changing room), and she’s running full force into getting past it, including seducing an unwitting supermarket employee and showing him one hell of a good time in the back of the store. After Rafi made a new friend who happened to be a sober priest at the gym, he was ready to baptize Larry, something that he knew Bridgette wouldn’t like and which her mother went along with for some reason. When Bridgette found out, she let him have it, and what a showcase of Frankie Shaw’s talents that scene was. Rafi may feel like he has the moral high ground because Bridgette got Larry vaccinated, but she’s not going to let that stand, making her a truly immutable and unsinkable protagonist who makes this show very worth watching.