Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What I’m Watching: Good Behavior

Good Behavior: Season 2, Episode 4 “I Think it’s a Sign” (A-)

This is officially the show that I’m now going to make sure to recommend to anyone I speak to about what’s great on television these days. I’m not even sure where to start with how awesome this episode was, assisted by incredibly creative dialogue and amazing performances. I’d say that Rob is the best character on this show, but honestly, they’ll all fantastic and I’m not sure I’d choose him. The fact that he was able to make a great point about what Estelle was feeling that she chose to pretend she didn’t hear was great, and I like how he described Javier as a “good bad guy” like Batman. I think a compelling case could also be made for Rhonda, who had so many classic lines in this episode, including, “You’re an FBI agent, but only if it’s nice weather” and “I’m a founding member of HIE Rewards.” The way she talks about cinnamon rolls is fantastic. Here’s hoping that she wins another Emmy this year for her performance on this show. Her relationship with Christian, who punched out Agent Backup when he went on a tirade against her, is so interesting, and the way in which she interacts with Letty is so intriguing. Letty’s realization that it didn’t quite seem real helped add to the mystery of this whole thing, and lines like “lightning does strike twice, just not in the same place” and “I’m in handcuffs, and I’m not a magician; you’re not a magician either” were so in keeping with this show’s unique style. On what other series could a Holiday Inn Express sign come crashing through a hotel window and lead to arrested criminals playing a drinking game with a traumatized FBI agent? I suspected this wouldn’t be the end for Letty and Javier, but I never imagined that they would team up with Rhonda to screw over the FBI. I can’t even guess what will come next?

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